Homeopathic book BIMAR KAUN? by Dr.R.S.Saini

A Homeopathic book namely BIMAR KAUN?- A Homeopathic perspective was released on January 25, 2012 , in the Maryland hotel, Zirakpur by Dr. K K Dhiman, having longest tenure of 21 years as Principal Homeopathic college and hospital sector-26 ,Chandigarh . The book written by Dr. R S saini is both in Punjabi and English. The author is a practising Homeopath in Vancouver, Canada. The very title of the book BIMAR KAUN? justifies its content in the sense that it deals with the sickness and the sick person from a homeopathic perspective which is that it is the person who is sick and not one of his or her limbs, tissues or organs alone.The book has been written for creating an awareness on the subject of sickness among the general public. There are 10 chapters in this book, the first seven being in Punjabi and the last three in English. The author has highlighted the trio of stress, tension and anxiety being the causes of sickness. The book also carries a chapter on the causes of addiction due to problems in interpersonal relationships at family and work front. How the family and children of an addict suffer, has also been dealt with considering family as a unit. How Homeopathy can be of help in such cases has also been discussed. There are chapters on womens health and the healrh of children. Specifically the author has dealt with the effect of mental state of the mother, on the unborn child, during nine months of pregnancy. Apart from this, information has been shared on the latest research in Homeopathy for the treatment of Auto-immune disorders. The reader shall be benefitted from the content of the book as it has been written in simple language. The publishers of the book are Chetna publishers Punjabi Bhawan Ludhiana. The book is available on leading Homeopathic stores and from the publishers.

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