Male & Female Sexual Problems


Male & Female Sexual Problems ...

History of such problems can be traced in to so many aspects of the life of the sufferer, including in the physical or emotional arena. Oftenly , in case of males a history of abuse of any kind including self abuse in young age is seen to cause disappointments in one's active sexual life. The stress and performance anxiety takes away the self confidence and the sufferer at times feels himself a failure even before the encounter. All this gives a feeling of low self esteem in the person. Modern day stress and demands of life  also take a toll of their own. In many cases , in order to cope with the stressers one takes to some kind of addictive habits including liquor and drugs, which after giving a temporay lull start eating in to the natural ability of a person to perform. Similarly, there are so many factors leading to low libido levels in case of females too. When it comes to seeking Homeopathic help for such disorders, a detailed history is taken to individualise the person facing the problem. All those factors which are working in the background to cause the disorder are understood deeply and the most suitable and appropriately indicated remedy is selected which can help the sufferer.

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