Depression is a common mental disorder reflected through sad mood, mood swings, deprivation of pleasure and loss of libido, feeling of low self esteem, indignation, poor internal feeling, decreased energy levels, disturbed sleep and poor focus. It affects the day to day life and fulfillment of daily responsibilities of the sufferer. In worst case scenarios it can lead to suicidal disposition also. Depression is said to be the mother of all illnesses. This mental health disorder needs to be addressed in the individual sufferer. Each episode triggering bouts of depression in an individual has its roots tied somewhere and in Homeopathy strict individualization of the case in hand is done and the appropriate homeopathic remedy is administered. Homeopathic medicines and preparation do not have any side effects.

Whenever any disease or sickness afflicts a person, following   three or any of these three negative  emotions are  triggered in the mind of the sufferer.


2. FEAR.


Mind, being the supercomputer of the human body operates non stop, but  constantly throwing signals depending on situations or sickness. These three negative emotions   together or separately play a big part in causing symptoms on the mental as well as physical plane of the sufferer. Each one of these negative emotions are explained as under :

ANXIETY : What is it ?

Anxiety disorders affect the behavior, thought process, sentiments  on the mental plane of the sufferer. Anxiety disorder is the most common of all mental health problems. The sufferer suffers with some type of  social taboo which prohibits them to seek proper help. Anxiety disorders can also be triggered due to some health problems going on in the person. Problems such as heart ailments and diabetes can cause anxiety disorders. Where,  it is essential to attend to the physical complaint it is equally important to address the mental affects  also. Usually following signs are associated with anxiety disorder. Phobias, social phobias, post traumatic stress disorder , obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety is a discomfort experienced on the mental plane about some non specific event which  might happen.

How Homeopathy helps in treating Anxiety disorder ?

While taking history of the sickness of the person the plethora of anxieties going on in his mind about various situations or circumstances including the  unresolved disease process are taken in to account and then the most appropriate remedy is selected based on the fundamental principles of Homeopathy.

FEAR : What is it ?

The term fear is applied to a discomfort experienced at the mental plane about some thing which is specific in nature. The fear is triggered by something   present physically in front of the person. The fears can be triggered by the ongoing disease or disease process. For example  : fear of dog, fear of lion, fear of dark , fear of suffering etc.

How Homeopathy helps in treating   fears ?

The discomfort experienced by the sick person due  to fear or frightful situations is amenable to homeopathic remedies after the proper fears of the person in question are understood in detail. There are proved remedies in the homeopathic chest which deal with different kind of fears and fearful situations.

Anguish :  What is it ?

Anguish is a feeling of discomfort on the mental plane of the person which makes him restless internally. The sufferer can pace up and down in this state of extreme mental discomfort. This can be situational and disease related as well. Those situations which put the individual in situations of extreme restlessness are understood minutely.

How Homeopathy helps in treating Anguish ?

The inner restlessness being experienced by the individual related with any situation including that of his sickness is evaluated after listening and recording  the case history in detail. The most suitable and appropriate remedy is picked up to address the feeling of the discomfort related with Anguish.

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